The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

September 3, 2021

Shoot like you are in the movies

As the shooters gathered at the Short Range on the morning of August 28, 2021 for the scheduled “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” Movie Theme Shoot the props for the shoot had been set up.  At the course of fire briefing it was revealed that at ten yards each shooter would face two pistol packing cowboys with balloon hearts and guts, and four giant cockroaches.  Then they would move on to twenty five yards where they would face “The Bad ” guy with a balloon heart plus a steel six-gun and a steel cowboy hat cut out in a reenactment of the graveyard shootout from the movie.  Finally, they would move to fifty yards where they would find “The Ugly” guy hanging by a noose suspended from a balloon, plus “gold coins” (clay targets) hanging from strings. Here they would attempt to free the guy from the noose, and score as many “gold coins” as possible.  Only open sight centerfire revolvers with lead bullets and pistol caliber rifles/carbines were allowed to be used and all pistol shooting had to be single action only shooting. The complete run through of the full course of fire consisted of twenty five pistol rounds and five rifle/carbine rounds. Two shooters went through the course at a time, and each in turn went through the course twice.


Each shooter started at ten yards where they loaded and fired eight rounds to break as many of the balloon hearts and guts of the gunslinger cowboys and to kill as many cockroaches as possible.  Then they moved to twenty five yards where each shooter laid out twelve rounds of ammo.  Here they shot at the “The Bad” guy until they broke the balloon heart or ran out of ammo.  If they broke the balloon heart and had ammo remaining, they then shot at the six-gun and tried to knock it off its stand.  If they succeeded and still had rounds remaining then they shot at the hat and tried to knock it off its stand.  If they were successful with that and still had rounds remaining they carried those rounds to the fifty yard line.  At fifty yards the each shooter laid out their remaining ammo of the twenty-five rounds plus five pistol caliber rifle/carbine rounds.  With the rifle/carbine, they fired at the hangman balloon until they either freed the “The Ugly” guy from the noose by breaking the balloon or ran out of ammo.  They then picked up their pistols and expended their remaining rounds attempting to hit as many of the “gold coins” as possible for score.


When all the balloons broken, steel cutouts knocked off their stands, and coins hit were counted, shooting honors went to:


1st Place      Tim D.

2nd Place     Buster W.

3rd Place      Ahmad S. and George A.

4th Place      Fred B.

5th Place      Dean B.


My thanks to all those who came out and enjoyed this super fun shoot.  To those who stayed away, you really missed out on some real cowboy shooting fun.  We’ll do it again sometime so keep an eye on the calendar and come on out and join in the fun.


Tim Brown............Match Director