Rimfire Steel Challenge -

January 12, 2020

January 12, 2020

Rifles & Pistols for this Round

This speed steel match featured 50 rounds with both rimfire rifles and pistols.  At 10 yards five targets of various sizes were targeted with the pistol, a mixture of small steel and round plates.  After this the shooters switched to rimfire rifles and targeted five steel plates.  Each shooter was able to drop their lowest score for rifle and pistol.  Lowest score (time) wins.  These shoots are a great opportunity to improve speed while keeping accuracy.


Neil D.        93.62 seconds total time

Tim D.        101.26

Allen            105.21

Doug            105.70

Dean            115.37

Stephanie    121.11

Angie D.        131.65

Tom                187.29

Jack T.            197.55