October Muzzleloader Report

October 24, 2022

BY Eagle Keeper

Match director Larry Keller AKA Eagle Keeper found some interesting National Muzzleloader National Rifle and Mike Fink targets buried deep in the shack that haven’t been used in a very long time. We set them up on the 100-yard line and couldn’t see what to shoot at through our open sights, so we shot from the 75-yard line which made it a 25-yard shot at the targets 😊 


Eagle eye, Clint Epps won 1st place with a score of 56, 2nd place Eagle Keeper 36, 3rd place Lillie Epps 36, 4th place Mike McGuire 10


The November Meat shoot is next month!!

The second Saturday, November 12th is our Annual Limpy memorial Meat shoot, all shooters will have many chances to win various prizes of meat! Remember to bring $1.00 bills for additional shots at string cuts and the famous Schutzen target, proceeds go for helping to pay for the prizes.

Coffee is ready by 0830, set-up 0850, Range safety meeting starts at 0915 and shooting begins at 0930, we are serving soup or Chili for lunch in the lower range shack during the awards ceremony after the shoot.


NOTE: December’s shoot will be a Black Powder Pistol shoot, so plan on remembering to bring your pistol, potluck and awards follows the shoot.