Lever Gun Shoot 2/18/23

February 21, 2023

19 Shooters on a Chilly February Morning

Taking advantage of an opening on the schedule, we decided to try something new, a lever gun only "action" style shoot.  Levers were loading a variety of cartridges from .22 rimfire to big bore 45-70's and many others in between.  There were two stages for the shoot.  The first was shot from a "box" that shooters had to maneuver around to see targets peeking out from behind barrels.  Since your first shot had to be made from the starting position, some tactical considerations were involved.

The second stage had a little more movement with similar challenges; shooters had to position themselves to get a view of the targets.  Each "string" was five rounds with reloads off the clock.  This helped to balance the field, not giving an advantage to any caliber.  There were only two classes, guns with optics (only a handful of shooters used these...not judging!)  Most opted for iron sights.  The top four shooters in this class were covered by only six seconds.  Watch for photos in the gallery section.

Open Sights

#1 Tim DG (shot clean, no penalty time added)

#2 Dave K

#3 Rick R

#4 Ron S


#1 Alex H