February 2023 Muzzleloader Pistol Shoot Report

March 17, 2023

BY Eagle Keeper

We had four shooters this month, we shot our double ring buffalo targets with pistols at a challenging 25 yards

1st place Jim Miller 64 1X

2nd place Carl Johnson 59

3rd place Larry Keller 52 1X


One of our shooters chose to shoot his black powder cartridge rifle and work on some new loads off the bench as pictured. 


Thank you to Katie for doing the registration, scoring targets and making a really fine pot of chili!


Next shoot March 11th possibly shooting shotgun and rifle, warming up for April’s Bull of the Woods


The second Saturday on April 8th is our 31st Annual Bull of the Woods shoot! We will be shooting Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and throw hawk and knife the fun starts at 0915. We will have Chili for lunch after the shoot.

Click HERE to download the report with additional photos.