FCGC Night Shooting Events

December 13, 2020

Make the most of your practice time and ammunition

We all know that ammunition and reloading components are at a premium.  So, if you train for self and home defense it makes sense to make the most of the training ammunition you have on your shelves.  Four Corners offers one of the best ways to use this ammunition: by joining one of our monthly shoots, specifically one of the night shoots. 


During the early darkness of the winter, the club is scheduling two night shoots each month.  The shoots precede the Defensive Gunning and 3-Gun matches, allowing for the set up the night before to serve as double duty for two events.  The events are posted on both the printable and Google calendars with additional details about the shoot.


The defensive use of a firearm is likely to occur in low light, whether it is in our homes or when we are away from our castles.  Because of this, having the opportunity to practice under these conditions is valuable.  Until the FCGC night shoots it was challenging to get a chance to shoot under these situations.  These events provide a safe opportunity to test yourself and equipment under low light conditions. 


For the night shooting event, participants must use either a weapons mounted light (WML) or a headlamp; no one handed shooting (i.e., flashlight in one hand, firearm in the other) is permitted as an added safety measure.  This, however, can be practiced at home with a safely unloaded firearm while using the lesson learned from the night shoot. 


Each match has several different stages that involve reloading, moving, target acquisition and other skills that may be needed as a defender.  Knowing that your equipment will serve you under actual shooting conditions is important, as is knowing you can manipulate your firearms in low light environments.  The skill level for this course is moderate.  It is recommended that you have some type of shooting under simulated stress such as FCGC Defensive Pistol, 3 Gun or other speed shooting events.  This event fills up and for safety the number of participants is limited.  Contact Rick Reitz to get on the list or for more information. 

Check out the gallery page to see more images from a shoot.  Click HERE to visit the gallery.