Classic Bowling Pin Shoot

July 29, 2022

July 2022 - See more images in gallery

Fifteen eager participants showed up at the short range on the morning of July 23, 2022 to take a step back in time and shoot the Bowling Pin shoot as it was done in the distant past.


This first stage of the shoot consisted of a paper target at ten yards with five bowling pin drawings on it.  Here each shooter had ten rounds and fired two shots at each pin just to get “warmed up” for the real pins to come.  Then each shooter moved on to stage two at twenty-five yards.  This stage consisted of ten bowling pins on a table and five clay targets in a holder.  Here each shooter had 30 rounds to attempt to knock all the pins off the table and break all the clay targets.  If they were successful and had rounds left over, they took those rounds with them to stage three at fifty yards.  This stage consisted of a bowling pin hanging from a string and a paper target.  The shooter first had to hit the hanging pin and make it swing.  If they accomplished that and still had rounds left, they could shoot all their remaining rounds at the paper target for score.


After all the pin knocking was done, honors for the morning’s shooting fun went to:


1st Place  Tim D.

2nd Place  Bruce R.

3rd Place  Lee D.

4th Place  James K.

5th Place  Fred B.


Many thanks to all those who came out and participated in this blast into the past.  For those who may like to try it next time it comes around, watch the club calendar for the next one to be held.  Pin knocking is fun.


Tim Brown

Match Director