4th of July Military Pistol Shoot

July 7, 2022

16 Shooters Started the Fireworks off Early

The fireworks started early at the range on the 4th.  This year's event was shot with military type handguns at distances from 25 to 50 yards.  The event kicked off with a filling and delicious breakfast from the Sight Inn crew.  The shooters then marched out to the 50-yard line to begin their course of fire.

Half of the shooters fired John M. Browning's 110 year old design 1911.  Also seen on the line were current issues Sig M17 / M18 (320 civilian models), Browning Hi Powers, a Beretta M9 (M92) and yes, even a revolver.  Shooters were challenged shooting at three different targets using two hand and one hand grips with both the primary and non-dominate hands.  Tim always has something special for the shooters.  Looks like rifles will return to the Republic in 2023, come out and join the fun!


1st     Tim D.

2nd    Jim R.

3rd    Steve S.

4th     Aaron G.

5th     Lissa F.