4th of July 2023 Shoot

July 4, 2023

15 Shooters Kicked Off their Fireworks Early

Thanks to a morning start the 4th of July Military Rifle shooters were able to beat the heat while engaging targets from 50 to 100 yards.  There was a great assortment of military-style rifles from WWI (and actually before that era thanks to a shooter with a black powder affinity!).  Plenty of "pings" from Garand clips (one of the few times I get to use that word correctly), the little cousin carbine was also on the line, looked like an M14 style as well, and a couple of Vietnam period AR-15 rifles (not the M4 style but the triangular foregrip models).  All shots were sans optics, iron sights only.

Shooters began at 100 yards offhand and advanced to 50 yards.  Strings were fired at this distance from standing, kneeling, and sitting (for those who could), and then there was a march back to 100 yards for the final 10 shots.  The food, as always, was great thanks to Bob and crew.  If you left hungry it was your own fault.  Thanks to all who came out to shoot, those who watched and encouraged shooters, the cook shack crew and Tim for putting it all together!


1st    Kiel A.         260

2nd    Tim D.       258

3rd    Doug H.     245

4th     Ron A.       228

5th    Will F.         222